Join us in the SRE/DevOps team where we design, implement, and maintain a secure and scalable infrastructure platform for delivering MoneyLion’s applications. The technology stack spans all levels: Kubernetes, Terraform, Java Springboot, NodeJS, Golang.

You will provide the automated CI/CD tooling that empowers the Product Development teams to independently roll out their ever growing portfolio of products; correctly, safely and with high velocity. You will guide; in addition to the primary focus of Product Teams; across the board from QA to Cybersec, in designing a resilient + robust via load tests and Chaos Engineering.

In your cover letter, please describe why you're interested in working at MoneyLion, and what draws you to this role in particular! Specifics of your past experiences that are relevant to this role are great to include too.

Join our amazing team of visionaries, and industry rebels in disrupting the traditional finance industry!

What you’ll do:

  • Provide or develop the tooling that will allow the individual Product Teams to be autonomous, via shared Kubernetes platform, Codefresh CI/CD and self-services infra resources via Atlantis/Terraform
  • Participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation that supports our production Kubernetes platform running in AWS
  • Work to constantly improve our resiliency by developing self-healing, self-assembling infrastructure; proactively running load tests and Chaos Engineering experiments
  • Dive into problems with an eye to both immediate remediation as well as the follow-through changes and automation that will prevent future occurrences
  • Maintain day-to-day vigilance with regards to security while helping to enhance the intrinsic security of the overall production system.
  • Own and ensure that internal and external SLA’s meet and exceed expectations, System centric KPIs are continuously monitored and improved
  • Provide consultation and support for Product Teams in achieving their OKRs: Availability and Service Excellence
  • Handle day-to-day duties: on-boarding, off-boarding, manage resource access permissions and maintain the shared tooling like CI/CD, inc. artifact repositories
  • Review architecture across teams; ensuring best practices are propagated company wide

What we’re looking for:

  • Exposure to cloud IaaS (AWS, GCP or other relevant)
  • Linux administration (CoreOS, or any Linux in general)
  • Linux containers, orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes), and Immutable infrastructure
  • Familiarity with Infrastructure-as-Code principals and technologies like Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Ability to learn quickly, think critically and make snap judgements based on measured data in high pressure situations
  • Strong communicator and have the ability to guide teams to troubleshoot and tune production performance issues
  • Comfortable in writing tools, in Go or willing to learn, for day-to-day operational use
  • Working knowledge of industry best practices with regards to information security

It’s a plus if you:

  • Have prior experience working in high performance and highly available distributed systems
  • Are able to knowledgeably implement performance, and security in complex multi-teams scenarios
  • Are familiar with microservices architectures and able to understand the trade-offs
  • Have practical knowledge of event streaming and experience in designing systems to leverage SQS, Kafka, Kinesis correctly
  • Have good knowledge about Hashicorp stack; especially Vault

How will your roadmap to join MoneyLion look like?

After you submit your application, you can expect to prepare for the following steps in the recruitment process:

  1. Interview - Talent Acquisition Team (Virtual or face-to-face)
  2. Online Technical Test
  3. Hiring Manager interview - Face-to-face
  4. Interview - U.S Hiring Manager (Virtual)